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Our main collaborators


Janne Näkkäläjärvi
Project coordinator
Sámi Education Institute 

Janne is a development manager at the Sámi Education Institute and also a Reindeer herder. He acts as a project coordinator in the DEA.


Mika Aromäki
Project Leader
Sámi Education Institute  

Mika is a coordinator at the Sámi Education Institute and acts as a project leader in the DEA.

Screenshot 2021-10-27 at 18.08.29.png

Arto is an instructor at the Sámi Education Institute. In the DEA project, he is involved in most project activities as a Duojar (Sámi handicraft specialist).


Marina is a coordinator at the Sámi Education Institute. She has been leading filming activities as part of the DEA project. 

Marina Falevitch
Project Film Instructor
Sámi Education Institute 

Arto Saijets
Project Duojar/ 
Sámi handicraft specialist

Sámi Education Institute


Satu Miettinen
Project Leader (PI)
University of Lapland

Satu is a Dean (2018-) and a Professor of Service Design (2016-) at the Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland in Finland. She is also leading service design research group “Co-Stars“. Satu Miettinen is an active artist and designer in the area of socially engaged art and ecofeminist photography. She belongs to the National Committee of Diversity in Arts at the National Arts Promotion Centre TAIKE (2019-). Her role in the project has been around developing art-based methods for collaborative placemaking.


Caoimhe Isha Beaulé
Project coordinator
University of Lapland

Caoimhe Isha is project coordinator for DEA at the University of Lapland. She is also carrying out part of her doctoral dissertation work through the DEA project, investigating processes of building trust in community-orientated and culture-centered projects involving designers.

Sanna Valkonen08.jpg

Sanna Valkonen
Responsible Leader
University of Lapland

Sanna is responsible leader as part of the University of Lapland’s team at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She leads the sub-project related to Sámi food culture and sovereignty. 


Mari Viinikainen
Project planner
University of Lapland

Mari is a project planner and co-coordinator in the DEA project as part of the University of Lapland’s team. She has been assisting with the process of documenting, producing and sharing the knowledge and stories that are collected through the project activities.

Teemu Loikkanen.jpg

Teemu Loikanen
Junior researcher
University of Lapland

Teemu is Junior Researcher in the University of Lapland at the Faculty of Social Sciences. His research interests include Circular Economy and citizenship. In the DEA project he aims to place Circular Economy in to dialogue with traditional Sámi culture and food citizenship, and examine these connections as part of his doctoral dissertation.


Áilu Valle
Research Assistant
University of Lapland

Áilu is working in the DEA project as a researcher assistant in the Finnish side of Sápmi. His work mostly involves interviews/ dialogues with community elders that hold traditional food knowledge.

LMN porträtt augusti 2021.jpg

Lena Maria Nilsson
Project co-coordinator
Umeå university / website

Lena Maria is the team leader of the DEA-team at Várdduo, Centre for Sámi research at Umeå university, Sweden. Her research focus, traditional Sámi diet as a determinant of health and tool for food sovereignty, has been developed during the project in dialogue with the NGO Slow Food Sápmi and the Finnish project partners and workshops resulting in a book chapter in the forthcoming research anthology “The Sámi world”.


Krister Stoor
Storyteller & Researcher
Umeå university

Krister Stoor represent Várdduo - Centre for Sámi Research at Umeå University as a scholar and Project board member. His field of work revolves around folklore, storytelling and traditional knowledge. 

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